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The Firma Twins and the Purple Staff of Death

A Firma Twins Adventure, Book 1, by D. H. Timpko

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Born into a family with a history of identical twins, Isis Firma and her identical twin sister Electra are as different as two people can be. Isis is studious and quiet, and Electra is an outgoing athlete. Because it's her turn to decide, Isis gets to pick what they'll do on their twelfth birthday. Much to Electra's disgust, Isis decides they'll go to the Institute of Ancient Egyptian Stuff in Washington, DC, to see a mummy that's just been autopsied. While looking at the mummy, Isis notices a bug crawling from the ear to the mouth and entering the skull through a nostril. Unseen by everyone except Isis, the eyes glow red and the mummy sits up and tells her the Vympyrym have arisen and the Squrlon are in danger. Isis must find the Purple Staff of Death and lead the battle. Then even stranger things happen as Isis tries to unravel the mystery of the mummy's message and the secrets of her family.
A Firma Twins Adventure, Book 1

Review: Smithsonian Adventure Captivates Young Readers

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The Firma Twins and the Flute of Enchantment

A Firma Twins Adventure, Book 2, by D. H. Timpko

Five-Star Review for New Firma Twins Adventure

"Brilliant and snappy!"

 The Firma Twins and the Flute of Enchantment: A Firma Twins Adventure, Book 2, by D.H. Timpko is a unique novel that takes you on a journey and ensures that you will not put the book down until you have read it till the end. The story follows Electra Firma; she and her twin sister, Isis, are not completely human. They are part alien and they have to keep it a secret or else their future would be too grim to even talk about. But her real identity is now affecting her life. 

Thanks to her unique heritage, she has Olympic worthy ice skating skills, but her parents have banned her from even entertaining thoughts of such a career in the future. However, there are bigger things at play than she has any idea about. The future of humanity is under threat by aliens and it is up to her to pose as one of them so that she can find the elusive Flute of Enchantment. To get to that, she has to master her gifts and get inside the inner circle of these aliens. Her life is in danger, but she is not backing out. Not now, not ever! Is she strong enough to face off with an enemy that is far more powerful than she is? 

This is a fast paced and well-developed story. I really liked Electra; like her name, she had a spark that was undeniable. She was strong willed and hyper aware of her surroundings. She may be young, but her development was very strong. I liked the fact that she took charge, enlisted the help of a friend, and worked really hard to help others. This is really good! Brilliant and snappy!

Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

Ride High with the Wave

by Sharon K. Solomon

Ted and Hiro compete for backstroke on a swim team, but neither can participate in Saturday meets. Ted must attend Sabbath services with his family. Hiro must go to Japanese School. And their parents won't relent. So they're forced to ignore their dislike for each other and collaborate on a plan to move swim meets to Sundays. But will it succeed?


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Knee Replacement Advice, Checklists, and Journal--Recovering Successfully from Knee Replacement Surgery Despite Complications: Practical Advice from a Patient

By Alexis Dupree 

Five-Star Review Received on Knee Replacement Book 

“A must-have for those who are planning to undergo knee replacement surgery,” Readers' Favorite

"… a humorous but accurate depiction of the trials and triumphs of knee replacement surgery and living with your new knee," Pat Ercole, physical therapist

Front book cover 5 stars_Web“I am not a medical professional,” Dupree says, “I’m just a patient. So unlike other books on knee replacement, it doesn’t describe the physiology of the knee or provide other medical information. It delivers practical information patients need to know that they probably won’t get from doctors or nurses. I’ve had many surgeries and I’ve learned a great deal along the way.”

The book explains what to do before surgery, what to buy in advance, what and how to set up the patient’s home, and details on how to control pain and swelling. It also includes answers to frequently asked questions and provides helpful tips patients can use during the recovery phase. The last chapter discusses the specific ways life changes after knee replacement surgery, with details on how to handle the changes.

“I built the book around a very clear goal,” Dupree says. “Resume normal life as quickly as possible. I’m very happy my right knee was replaced. The surgery got rid of the excruciating pain and I’m far better than I was before.”

Appendixes include checklists for recording information about orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation centers (if needed), physical therapy centers, insurance information, home preparation, medical appointments, medicines, and medical log. The second appendix includes a nearly 200-page journal where patients can keep notes during their recovery.

For more information about this book or to schedule an interview with the author, contact Denise Timpko, Gettier Group, LLC, at 703-723-3005 or denisetimpko@verizon.net.

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Following Robert Louis Stevenson with a Donkey: Zigging and Zagging Through the Cévennes

by Betty Gladstone; edited by Carla X. Gladstone

Most mothers in 1963 didn’t set out on a journey with their daughters through an impoverished section of France with little knowledge of the language. But Betty Gladstone did and ended up being the toast of Le Monastier, France, where she is remembered to this day. 

Fascinated by Robert Louis Stevenson from her childhood, Betty recreated Stevenson’s one hundred thirty-five mile trek through the Cévennes Mountains in thirteen days. Accompanied by her two daughters and Modestine, a donkey named after Stevenson’s beast of burden, they walked the author’s original path and slept in barns and in small hotels with questionable facilities. 

Betty Gladstone's memoir, Following Robert Louis Stevenson with a Donkey: Zigging and Zagging Through the Cévennes, is the tale of her improbable journey and the lifelong friends she made on the way. In an afterword, her youngest daughter, who edited the book, chronicles the heart-warming aftermath in which Betty erected a monument to Robert Louis Stevenson in Le Monastier with a town-wide celebration that achieved international press coverage.