Alexis Dupree

Author of Knee Replacement, Advice, Checklists, and Journal–5 Steps for Successful Recovery Even If You Have Complications: Practical Advice from a Patient

Journalist Alexis Dupree was 61 when she found herself joining the knee replacement community. She’s now waiting for the cartilage in her left knee to give up the ghost so she can become a double member. In this book she shares practical advice from a patient’s point of view on how to prepare for and successfully recover from knee replacement surgery.

Betty Gladstone

Author of Following Robert Louis Stevenson with a Donkey: Zigging and Zagging through the Cévennes

Betty Gladstone was born in 1919 in New York City. She earned a B. A. degree in psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. She and her first husband settled in Berkeley after graduation. While raising Roberta (born 1945) and Carol (born 1951), she administered health plan
memberships for Kaiser and was active in the League of Women Voters.

After 1965 she lived in France, then England, where she helped run a housing trust that rehabilitated old houses to create homes for low-income families. In 1979 she and her second husband returned to the United States for retirement in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She became an avid supporter of the Santa Fe Opera company, conducting back stage tours and soliciting local merchants for donations to fundraisers. Despite her lack of experience in retail, she was instrumental in opening a gift shop in the Opera complex to benefit the company. She died in Santa Fe in 1990.

Gail Kamer

Author of Immigrant from the Stars

Gail Kamer spent the years before becoming a children’s book writer as a teacher and principal. Her encounters with children have been a joy and sometimes a source of inspiration in her writing. She has been published traditionally and self-published. Immigrants from the Stars is her favorite story so far. Gail is married and lives in Kentucky. Besides writing, she loves to travel, spend time with family, and research her genealogy. Gail can be reached on facebook and at her website,

Sharon K. Solomon

Author of Ride High with the Wave

Sharon K. Solomon is the author of seven published books for children including science plays, fiction and nonfiction picture books, and fiction for middle grade and teen readers. Sharon looks for ideas for books in everyday situations and in her travels. “Ideas are everywhere!” she says.

Sharon loves doing research about different time periods in history. She says, “People living in other eras should not be judged by modern standards.” That is why when Sharon writes about someone who lived centuries ago she studies the way they lived. She tries to “get into the heads” of the people she writes about by considering their motivations and backgrounds.

Ride High with the Wave grew out of Sharon’s love for swimming. Her two main characters, Ted and Hiro, face a problem many have: How can I keep my heritage and still fit in with the other kids? Ted and Hiro join forces to solve their dilemma.

You can learn more about Sharon and her books on her website

D. H. Timpko

Author of the Firma Twins Adventures

D. H. Timpko writes books for children and adults. Book 1 of the Firma twins adventures is The Firma Twins and the Purple Staff of Death. The second book, The Firma Twins and the Flute of Enchantment, should be published soon. Both books have received a five-star review from Readers’ Favorite. Timpko is writing the third book, The Firma Twins and the Paisley Egg. 

“My motto is,” she says, “life is fodder for writing. I believe writing gives purpose to bad, good, and indifferent events. You just need to find the purpose and use it to create something new, memorable, and entertaining.” Her website is